Are your Eyes Making you Look Tired? Consider the Benefits of Botox®!

  • Posted on: Aug 30 2018
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Botox Cosmetic Manhattan, NYBecause the skin around the eyes is quite delicate, and the muscles around the eyes are used from the moment we are born and every day thereafter, it is in this area that fine lines and wrinkles may appear first. As the skin loses the support of strong, healthy collagen fibers, issue such as a furrowed brow or crow’s feet become progressively more noticeable. At some point, your facial esthetic may look as though you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Beauty and vitality are seen in the eyes, or in the skin around them. When the eyelids are heavy and droopy, or the brow sits too low on the forehead, the face looks older. Furthermore, these physical attributes can also send the (wrong) message that you are angry or unfriendly. Dr. Cheung has the focused training that makes her a wonderful resource for patients near her office in New York, NY, who want to revive the appearance of their eyes. While she is trained in surgical eyelid rejuvenation, she also recognizes the immense value of Botox® for anti-aging.

The Forehead, Brows, and Eyes: What Happened?

The skin is supported by a matrix of strong collagen strands that run through the dermis. As the body ages, these strands become frayed much like a rope. Weakened strands allow the skin to become lax, and for wrinkles to form. Loose skin at the brow line also has less resistance against the natural pull of constantly contracted muscles. As a result, the brows may fall below the orbital bone, and the upper eyelids may appear excessively heavy.

How Botox® can Help

The issues around the eyes, brows, and forehead occur because the muscles that have been used day after day, year after year, remain tensed even when “at rest.” Botox® Cosmetic is a solution that has an advantageous effect on these muscles. With a few injections of this solution, muscles are temporary inhibited from receiving neural messages that tell them to tighten. When they relax, the overlying skin can, as well. For 3 to 6 months after treatment, lines and creases on the upper face are diminished in their appearance.

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