Cosmetic Conundrums

Cosmetic Conundrums

1) Can you use body wash to shave your legs?

Yes, but it would decrease the quality of your shave and the life of your razor blade. Many body washes contain a moisturizing component that will leave a film on both the skin and the razor, thus dulling the blade. The film can also get stuck between the spring-mounted blades, which prevent them from catching the hairs for a smooth shave.

Shaving cream is designed to soften the hair prior to shaving. The cream coats each hair to allow absorption of water, which decreases the force required to cut the hair, resulting in less razor burn. Apply shaving cream for a few minutes prior to shaving to minimize your chance of getting razor burn.

2) Why is permanent hair dye bad for hair?

Hair dyeing requires hydrogen peroxide to swell the cuticular scale and open up ports for the dye to enter the hair shaft and undergo the chemical reactions to produce the artificial hair color. The application of the pH neutralizing hair conditioner reverses the hair shaft swelling and closes up the port openings, but the hair shaft will be more porous than virgin hair. With continued washing and grooming, the already weakened hair shaft will continue to lose protein and break. The amount of peroxide and ammonia in hair dye will determine the degree of hair weakening and subsequent loss.

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