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  • Posted on: Sep 30 2018
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Skin Treatment | Jessie Cheung, MD | NYC NYWhen you’re in between treatments, some of you have asked what to do. What products should you use to keep your results optimal? What could you be doing to prevent more little wrinkles? One thing we think that is often overlooked is diet. Our skin takes the ingredients from the food we eat to create collagen, elastin, and the radiance we hope to have every single day. Though changes in diet won’t make a difference overnight, we believe that helping give your skin the nutrients it needs (and craves) can only help boost your results from treatments you receive from us. Keep reading to learn about some of the best things to eat for beautiful skin!


This one is important. Did you know that being fully hydrated helps plump your skin cells, minimizing smaller wrinkles and giving an overall more youthful appearance to skin? Drinking enough water ensures that your body is able to properly detoxify itself. Toxins and waste products can get trapped underneath the skin, but drinking enough water will help keep them moving through the body until they can be removed.

Coenzyme Q10

This is one amazing antioxidant that our bodies make naturally, so you know that it’s good! CoQ10 helps your cells work and is helps to make energy. So, not only is it important for overall health, it can also help improve skin by reducing the appearance of small wrinkles and other signs of aging. Add more CoQ10 to your diet to supplement the body’s slowing production as we age.


You may have heard of selenium before, but it doesn’t get the same love as some of the other trendy skin-boosters. Selenium neutralizes free radicals and other damaging factors before your skin is able to absorb and shows signs of damage. It helps protect the outer membrane of your cells, giving them an extra boost against outside attack. Some studies are even exploring the link of selenium and decreased risk of skin cancer!

Incorporate more selenium into your diet by eating more Brazil nuts, shrimp, whole-wheat pasta, button mushrooms, and salmon.

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