Eating for Your Skin

Eating for Your Skin

Did you know you’d need to eat 12 bowls of spinach today in order to get the same amount of iron in one bowl of spinach from the 1930’s? It’s a sad truth, but our food supply is nutritionally depleted.

We often order several different blood tests in the office when we suspect nutritional and hormonal deficiencies that contribute to hair loss and accelerated aging. Patients with thinning hair often have low levels of vitamin D, iron, zinc, and thyroid hormone. Iodine supplements (or seaweed!) will help support your thyroid function. Adding foods or supplements with zinc and vitamin B may help your acne (did you know that the grains in your diet may impair your absorption of zinc?). Extra vitamin D may alleviate winter eczema – that’s a lot of milk or sardines, so I take a supplement with 10,000 units a day.

Talk to your doctor about these vital elements and get tested if you are having symptoms.

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