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  • Posted on: Oct 15 2018
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Botox Cosmetic Manhattan, NYBOTOX treatments shouldn’t be treated lightly. Other treatments such as facials, fillers, or chemical peels can be treated if your skin doesn’t react well, but BOTOX is different. Unlike some other treatments, BOTOX treatments can’t be reversed. That means that if you get bad BOTOX from a provider who is new and doesn’t understand what they’re doing, you get stuck with unfortunate results that can stick around for months. You don’t want that and we don’t want that for you! So, keep reading to learn about BOTOX and how to find a great provider who can give you amazing results.


BOTOX is used to treat wrinkles by preventing the muscles that are the underlying cause of those wrinkles from contracting. Imagine the middle of your forehead when you get angry or frustrated. If you’re like us, you naturally get wrinkles there. But those wrinkles only come because we’ve exercise those muscles and caused wrinkles to form. By treating the area with BOTOX, the muscles aren’t allowed to move and create the wrinkles above them on your skin. That’s attacking wrinkles at the source!

Picking Your Provider

You’re trying your luck if you go into BOTOX treatments with an unknown provider simply because of a special discount. Like other treatments that affect your beauty, BOTOX treatments should be researched and weighed carefully. An impulsive BOTOX appointment can leave lasting effects you might not want!

Before you go into your appointment, ask for before and after photos to help you gauge how skilled your provider is. Look for the concerns you have (that little wrinkle in between your eyebrows, for example) and if they are good at treating those concerns.

Understanding the timing of BOTOX and how it works will also help you get the best results. If you’re looking for a new, more youthful look for an event, you’ll want to plan ahead. BOTOX usually takes a few days to start showing, and the best results may take two weeks after your treatment to appear.

If you’re interested in smoothing wrinkles with Botox, please give us a call at (312) 971-6902 to schedule a consultation today.

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