Skin Care Wellness Eight things you need to know about winter and dry skin.

Eight things you need to know about winter and dry skin.

1) The ambient humidity is so low during the winter season – use a heavier body wash and moisturizer to seal the moisture in your skin. Look for formulations with urea, lactic acid, glycerin, lanolin, dimethicone, or hyaluronic acid to bind water to the skin.

2) Don’t take long, hot showers in the winter, which will dry out the skin.

3) Avoid super sudsy washes, since the bubbles will dry out your skin.

4) Up your daily dose of vitamin D! Aim for 4000 -10,000 IU a day.

5) Try out the new In-Shower moisturizers. These are applied to your shower and are great if you don’t have to time to apply moisturizers or hate the sticky feeling of moisturizers.

6) Keep a cool mist humidifier close to your bed. The low temps at night keep your heater running and dries out the air, pulling moisture out of your skin.

7) Stay away from the anti-bacterial hand gels! The alcohol base will break down the protective bonds in the outer skin layer, and allow potential irritants to penetrate the skin. You’re better off just washing your hands with gentle soap.

8) Put aside your scrubs made from crushed up seed kernels. They can be quite traumatizing to winter skin. Switch to man-made beads, or better yet, a gentle chemical exfoliator to get rid of dull winter skin.


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