What Can I Do about Hair Loss?

  • Posted on: Oct 30 2018
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Hair Restoration Manhattan, NYDid you know that both men and women experience thinning hair throughout their lifetimes? Though men first come to mind when it comes to balding, the truth is that thinning hair affects forty percent of women by the time they are forty years old. Some studies report that up to 50 million men and 30 million women suffer from male/female pattern baldness or thinning hair. Thankfully, there are some amazing options to help restore the look of your lustrous locks.

What medications treat hair loss?

We can provide some easy options to help with hair loss, but we ultimately suggest that you see a doctor before you spend too much time and money on hair loss remedies that may not be suited to you. Hair loss can be caused by stress, health issues, or even new medications. Or, it could be genetic issues like female or male pattern baldness. Rogaine is a great option for both men and women to help treat thinning or the losing of hair on the scalp.


You have likely heard of Rogaine, the over-the-counter drug for men and women who are losing their hair. It’s topical, which means that you apply it to the scalp on a regular basis. It must be used regularly to maintain your results, and you might need four months to start showing progress.


For men, you may also be able to try Propecia, though you will need a prescription to give it a try. Generally, Rogaine is recommended first for men(because it is generally less expensive and easier to acquire).


One amazing way to boost hair growth that we have seen incredible results through is via the use of PRP (or platelet-rich plasma). If you have tried medications but don’t want to undergo surgery, then PRP might be a great option for you. It is a treatment that must be done by a trained professional, but you aren’t sedated and there’s no surgery involved. No knives, no transferring of your own hair. All we need is a little blood. In fact, the blood we take is far less than what you give when you donate blood!

Are you ready to take your hair restoration to the next level? If you’ve tried topicals without any results, call us today at (312) 971-6902 to schedule a consultation to discuss PRP treatment.

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