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Silhouette’s Insta Lift: The 30-Minute Facelift that Doesn’t Cost a Fortune This new procedure—using skin-suspending strings— may soon be as popular as fillers for fixing sagging skin. Just don’t call it “a thread lift”. In this day of technological innovations in cosmetic surgery, one question is on many prospective patients’ lips: why go under the […]

Yahoo Recommended Most Moisturizing Body Washes

10 Most Moisturizing Body Washes Ever Jacqueline Laurean Yates November 28, 2016 Leaves are falling, the extra chill in the air has become quite consistent, and we are all exposing less skin because … well, winter. Just because we are piling on more clothes doesn’t mean we can skimp out on keeping our skin in […]

WYFF News Article

5 things that happen when you don’t change your razor Redbook — When do you know it’s time to replace your disposable razor? When is the blade too dull to battle with your knee hair? When you accidentally get a good look at all the gunk in there? Yes and yes — and generally, every three […]

Women’s Health Magazine

6 Factors That Could Cause You to Develop Eczema as an Adult BY LEAH WYNALEK October 13, 2016 This article was written by Leah Wynalek and provided by our partners at Prevention.They’re red, itchy, totally obnoxious, and they just might reveal something hidden about your health. Those scratchy patches of eczema are like nagging red flags, and the key to making […]

West Suburban Living Magazine

Innovative Treatments From new therapies for managing chronic pain and facilitating hair restoration, to potentially lifesaving innovations in delivering improved stroke and cardiac care DENISE LINKE There’s no doubt that we live in an age of change. 2016 registered seismic shifts in politics, culture and finance that, whether they exhilarate or frighten us, will shake […]

TODAY Magazine: Harmful Skincare Products

Toss it! See which skin care products are doing more harm than good by Grace Gold If you’ve got a graveyard of skincare products taking up space under the sink, you’re not alone! To help you clear out the clutter, we’ve asked leading dermatologists what you should junk and what you should keep. The key? It’s […]

Teen Vogue

Zendaya’s Skincare Routine Review Lessons learned. Zoë Weiner If I could Freaky Friday with one celebrity, it would be Zendaya. She’s smart, empowering and has a killer fashion sense (See: any of her Met Gala looks ever). She also happens to have #flawless skin, because, of course she does. Every time I see her on Snapchat sans […]

Teen Vogue

How to Heal Cracked Skin on Every Body Part Zoë Weiner At this point in the season, the weather has gone from bearably cold to “OMG I REFUSE TO LEAVE THE HOUSE TODAY”-level freezing. No matter how much we try to bundle (and trust me, we try!!!) there’s just no way to keep the cold […]

Teen Vogue Article

What to Know Before Going to the Dermatologist Fawnia Soo Hoo While you visit your regular doctor, your dentist, and possibly your eyebrow threader regularly, you might not have ever stepped foot into a dermatologist’s exam room, as of yet. You know, a dermatologist, a physician that specializes not just in skin, like Dr. Pimple Popper, […]

Teen Vogue

Actress Krista Marie Yu, Shares Her Beauty Routine On TV, Krista Marie Yu plays a your typical, text-happy American teenager on the ABC sitcom Dr. Ken. But in real life, she has a much more intense bio: dancer, singer, ice skater, and Carnegie Mellon University graduate (mic drop). And that’s not the only difference between Krista […]

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