Yahoo Recommended Most Moisturizing Body Washes

10 Most Moisturizing Body Washes Ever

Leaves are falling, the extra chill in the air has become quite consistent, and we are all exposing less skin because … well, winter. Just because we are piling on more clothes doesn’t mean we can skimp out on keeping our skin in its best condition. This is the perfect time to add more moisture to your routine and a great starting point is to begin right in the shower. There are a bevy of body washes out there that not only get you squeaky clean, but also leave your skin super smooth and silky feeling.

Board-certified dermatologist Jessie Cheung, MD, recommends going for a cleanser that’s heavier in texture. “Milk or cream like body washes are going to less likely strip the skin of its natural oils than a lighter gel cleanser,” says Dr. Cheung. While there are a surplus of body washes to choose from, when it comes to staving off dullness, there are a few ingredients you’ll want to steer clear of. Dr. Cheung suggests avoiding anything with too much alcohol, artificial fragrance, and dyes. “These ingredients can cause irritation and dryness and exacerbate winter skin problems,” she says.

If you still aren’t sure where exactly to start, we have lathered up and selected 10 clear winners of the most moisturizing body washes that deserve a permanent spot in your shower caddy.

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