Man Shot

What is the Man Shot?

The Man Shot is an injection that uses a combination of micro-ionized fat transfer and PRP for male enhancement. The PRP, platelet-rich plasma, works by activating the stem cells within the fat. While they are used for similar reasons, the Man Shot is injected differently than the P-Shot.

PRP can improve the health, vitality, size, and appearance of the penis since it is a natural growth factor.  With the Man Shot, patients can experience natural, lasting rejuvenation.

Benefits of the Man Shot

Man Shot | Jessie Cheung, MD | NYC

In addition to helping with erections, patients can experience many benefits from the Man Shot including:


  • Improved Sexual Experience: The Man Shot can provide a fulfilling sex life by improving sexual capabilities, stamina, sensation, and pleasure.
  • No Down Time: Patients can return to work and resume daily activities the same day as receiving the Man Shot.
  • Size Increase: The effects of the Man Shot can potentially improve erectile function as well as increase the girth and length of the penis.
  • Multiple Treatments: Some patients find it necessary to receive multiple treatments. In this case, subsequent shots come with additional benefits.

The Man Shot Procedure

After a consultation with Dr. Cheung, patients will visit the office for their first injection. First, Dr. Cheung will inject the Man Shot into the plane above the vascular space along the shaft. This is down the base of the shaft under the skin, and thus by the anus. By putting pressure at the very base, the blood will stay in the penis to maintain an erection. The procedure does not take long and patients are free to leave the same day. If patients need multiple treatments, our staff would be happy to schedule those after your appointment.

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Receive the Man Shot in a comfortable, personable office in New York City. For more information call 312-971-6902. Jessie Cheung, MD Dermatology & Laser Center serves Manhattan, NY and surrounding areas.
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