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It is important to us to provide patients of our NYC aesthetic facility with the highest quality professional care centered around their personal cosmetic needs. We maintain this objective by equipping our practice with the most advanced technologies and techniques. The Y Lift is an excellent example of how we help patients optimize their appearance in a noticeable, natural way.

A Look at Facial Aging

Y-Lift NYC

The Y-Lift is a specialized technique that has been developed as a way to strategically and precisely correct the effects of aging. Beauty, as you may know, has always been a matter of proportion. The youthful face is characterized by a Y shape, with more width existing in the upper two-thirds of the face. The cheeks are more pronounced and the browbone round and high, like the arms of a Y. The lower third of the face ends with the stem of the Y marking the chin.
With age, fatty deposits degrade and fall from the upper areas of the face to the lower, effectively inverting the Y that gave the face a more youthful appearance. In some instances, natural facial structure neglects to follow this rule of proportions. In either situation, the Y-Lift may be an outstanding method of facial enhancement.

What is a Y-Lift?

The Y-Lift is a non-surgical procedure in which Dr. Cheung deliberately volumizes the face. The process involves hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, but the technique is anything but the norm. The objective of the Y-Lift is to go beyond the basics of volumizing the face. Using specific technique, Dr. Cheung refines the contours of the upper and lower face to restore or create the Y shape that supports proportional beauty.

Y-Lift Candidates

You may be a suitable candidate for the Y-Lift treatment if you:

  • Are unhappy with the appearance of jowls or flattened cheekbones
  • Desire a natural, non-surgical treatment to rejuvenate your facial esthetic

We do not recommend injectable treatments for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

How Does Y-Lift Work?

Y-Lift Treatment harnesses the rejuvenating powers of dermal fillers to restore structural framework to the face. This technique follows the principle of topography, or the natural structural contouring of a landscape. In this instance, the landscape is the angular curves of the jawline and the shape of the cheeks and temples.

Historically, dermal filler usage has occurred only within the superficial layers of dermal tissue. The philosophy of structural volumizing calls for deeper revitalization using specialized instruments and precision injection technique.

Y-Lift vs. Traditional Facelift

The surgical facelift is a procedure in which the muscle and fatty tissue of the cheeks and other regions of the face are manipulated through incisions. Surgery often requires general anesthesia and a few weeks or more of recovery during which the face is swollen and bruised. The Y-Lift is an outstanding non-surgical option for facial restructuring that results in up to 2 years of rejuvenation. This procedure does not require anesthesia and it goes beyond the lifting and tightening of the skin. Where the Y-Lift stands out is in its ability to add volume and contouring where needed.

Y-Lift Treatment

Dermal Fillers New York City

Depending on the extent of contouring, a Y-Lift may take as little as a few minutes or up to about an hour to complete. After cleansing the skin and observing the areas that will be treated, Dr. Cheung uses a special instrument to “map” facial topography. This step guides the placement of filler product for the most aesthetically pleasing results.

To make the Y-Lift as comfortable as possible, treatment begins with a few injections of lidocaine. This and the depth of insertion make the procedure virtually pain-free. The special surgical-grade titanium instrument is then inserted to a precise depth below muscle tissue, just above bony structure. Dermal filler is inserted and then sculpted by hand to achieve the desired contouring. Each targeted area is treated in the same manner, with Dr. Cheung observing results as they occur in real time.

In addition to restructuring contours with deep insertion of dermal filler, we may also address superficial concerns such as nasolabial folds at the conclusion of the Y-Lift.

Y-Lift Results

The results of Y-Lift treatment are immediately visible even if minor swelling occurs due to the injecting instrument. Patients may be advised to sleep on their back for a few nights and to avoid touching their face. Strenuous exercise, to include heavy lifting, should be avoided for a few weeks. A follow-up visit for further contouring massage may be scheduled for the day after the Y-Lift.

Recovery After Y-Lift Treatment

There is absolutely zero downtime after a Y-Lift.

Injections are given with a tiny cannula, or hollow needle, which could lead to mild bruising or redness. However, these common side effects generally last such a short time that most patients can go right back to work if they so choose.

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